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in their home two weeks age a former justice of the peace, eric lyle williams in custody. hasn't been named as a suspect. authorities did search his home on friday. williams was prosecuted by mclelland last year, stealing three computer monitors. williams was convicted and received probation. >> a florida police sergeant fired after stirring up outrage in the trayvon martin case defending his actions. he brought paper targets like these to the shooting range showing a faceless figure in a hoody carrying skittles and iced tea, clearly resembling trayvon martin. abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: a police officer fired for bringing shooting targets bearing the likeness of trayvon martin to a weapons exercisen central florida. >> he had a target in the back of his car. and offered it to two other officers with the port. >> reporter: according to the mortified ceo of the port authority, john walsh, the fellow cops disgusted with the choice of targets reported sergeant ron king. king admits having the trayvon martin targets with the faceness figure in the hoody. even with the skittle
. >>> a disgraced justice of the peace is charged with the murders of a texas director. eric lyle williams was arrested saturday. his wife named her husband as the gunman. williams was convicted on theft charges last year. he lost his law license and job as a result. the slain da and assistant prosecuted that case. kim williams is charged with murder. authorities allege she was the get away driver. >>> a state audit finds the state failed to collect as much as $22 million meant for causes ranging from the environment to veterans. the department of motor vehicles undercharged and famed to collect fees on inactive plates. a separate investigation last year found that money from a september 11th memorial plate was diverted to other use. >>> twitter launched a new music discovery app today. the app is called hashtag music. it suggests songs and music users may like. the songs are streamed through other subscription based services. it runs on the iphone. >>> back to our continuing coverage of the boston marathon bombings. surveillance videos and cell phones have become crucial. authorities alre
lyle williams has not been named a suspect in the death of kaufman county district attorney mike mclelland and his wife or the district attorney mark hasse. this is video from 2011 when william was being interrogated in a theft case. >>> pope francis created cardinals group. >> this group has no executive or legislative power and it's there to advise pope and that is very important. >> the eight cardinals named include the archbishop of boston and australia, chili, congo, ferrummany, honduras, india and italy and in china a 7-year-old girl is hospitalized beijing, the first person in the captto be tested positive for a new strain of bird flu. today chinese officials say there will be 44 confirmed infections of the new train and 11 victims have died health authorities are not sure how the virus spreading bug it's believed to be crossing to humans from birds. >>> a florida police officer has been fired after he allegedly brought targets resemblele trayvon martin to the gun range. sergeant ron king was leading target practice with other officers when he pulled out targets similar to
cynthia were killed in late march. now a former justice of the peace, eric lyle williams, is in custody. he is being held on unrelated charges. authorities did search his home friday. williams was prosecuted by mclelland last year for stealing three computer monitors. williams was convicted and put on probation. >>> on capitol hill, the senate's gun control debate kicks into high gear this week. seems the bipartisan deal to expand background checks on gun sales is gaining support little by little. two republicans yesterday signaled they might support the agreement when it comes up for a vote. that followed an emotional address over t weekend featuring a mother of a boy killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. >> sometimes, i close my eyes and all i can remember is that awful day waiting at the sandy hook volunteer firehouse for the boy who would never come home. >> if you would have met with the families, the strongest people i ever met with they never asked for any body to take their guns away. they never asked for repeal to the 2nd amendment. yes, i came to do something. >
. local federal officials confirmed a former justice of the peace eric lyle williams is being held on bail for an unrelated charge of making a terroristic threat. last year, williams was convicted and corruption charges including theft. williams was prosecuted by the two men that were murdered. district attorney mike mcclelland and the prosecutor mark haas. >>> monday april 15 marks the 101 birthday of kim il sung founder of north korea and the grandfather of kim jong un and there is speculation they will launch a missile or more as part of the national celebration. it comes as new video is released on the north korea website showing targets for nuclear attacks with the united states. right now, secretary of state john kerry is in japan. japan is the latest country to side with the u.s. on the situation in north korea. joining us are two members of the house armed services committee loretta sanchez and republican senator john fleming. thank you both for joining us. congresswoman let's start with you. are you at all confident that secretary of state john kerry's mission this weekend accompl
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)